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Hello Everyone.

I'm Hanzaila


Tech Evangelist

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About Me.

About Me

I am a dedicated, proactive Developer with a strong programming and cloud background. With experience in developing, and analyzing processes, by improving operational efficiency.

I also have a strong social network and a leader of multiple communities on national and international level. I am a frequent speaker at Global Conferences, Tech Events, and National Media along with a passion for technology.

I have initiated and leading one of the top tech student community with an idea for moving forward for digital Pakistan.


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I have a strong academic background in Cloud Computing, ​Computer Science & Software Engineering. I am doing Masters in ​Cloud Computing from TUM - Technical University of Munich, ​Germany and have completed my Bachelor’s degree in Computer ​Science from the FAST National University of Computer & ​Emerging Sciences (NUCES) in Pakistan, where I specialized in ​Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Engineering, and Data Science.

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Master of Science

Cloud Computing

Technical University of Munich

2023 - Present

Bachelor of Science

Computer Science

FAST National University of Computer & Emerging Sciences

2017 - 2021

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Currrent Organization.

Current Organization

Cloud Data Engineer @ ING

At ING - International Netharlands Group , I lead efforts in ​advancing our CI/CD capabilities as part of the Management ​Information team. I collaborate with development teams to ​establish and maintain CI/CD pipelines, ensuring efficient and rapid ​software releases. Additionally, I play a key role in the bank's cloud ​transition, designing and implementing cloud-based solutions to ​support our DevOps processes. My contributions have significantly ​improved the speed and quality of software delivery, enabling us to ​better meet customer needs and maintain a competitive edge in ​the financial industry.

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AMC an American Pay Television Channel Logotype


of Computing



National University

of Computer &

Emerging Sciences


MLSA Pakistan



Founder & CEO

Partner &




OneApi Ambassador

Member - Industrial

Advisory Baord

SpeakCertified Trainer

Country Lead


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Tech Skills.

Tech Skills

Cloud Services

Machine Learning

Data Analysis


Artificial Intelligence

Project Management

Customer Relationship Management

Azure Specialist

Software Engineering




Power BI

As a tech-savvy developer, I have a strong and constantly evolving technical skillset. In this section, you’ll find my skills organized by category and proficiency, with relevant certifications and courses. I’ve provided examples of their application in my projects, showcasing my expertise and passion for innovation. I’m excited to tackle new challenges with my technical know-how.

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Social Skills.

Social Skills



Public Speaking

Active Listening

Conflict Resolution

Community Builder



Startup Coach

In addition to my technical expertise, I also possess strong social skills that enable me to excel in collaborative environments. In this section, I have showcased my abilities in communication, teamwork, and leadership. Through examples from my projects and collaborations, I demonstrate my effectiveness in working with others to achieve shared goals. I am committed to continuously improving my social skills and am excited to bring my collaborative spirit to new challenges.

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In the news.

In The News

I am proud to share that I have been invited by several news channels for interviews. My insights and expertise have been featured on national television, and I have had the opportunity to share my thoughts with a wide audience.

In these interviews, I discuss a range of topics, from current events to industry trends and personal experiences. I am grateful for the platform that these news channels have provided me, and I am excited to continue sharing my knowledge with others.

You can watch these interviews by clicking on the button below.

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In the news.

In The News

"Sharing my experience and providing guidance on how to succeed in tech competitions."

"Sharing my insights on how to participate and motivating others to join the Imagine Cup competition."

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In the news.

In The News

"Sharing the story and project of a national champion and world finalist."

“sharing my ideas for promoting the startup tech ecosystem”



Subject Matter Expert - Microsoft Build Conference: Intro to Tech Skills “Programming Languages“

Speaker - Microsoft Ignite Conference:

Getting Started with Machine Learning using Python


Hackathon Winner - UNDP Covid Digital Hackathon Pakistan


Microsoft Imagine Cup

National Champion & World Finalist of Microsoft Imagine Cup for Query City

Regional Winner of Microsoft Imagine Cup for Gaming Agent

Judge Microsoft Imagine Cup 2022

Microsoft Learn Student Ambassador

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Country Lead MLSA Pakistan

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Outstanding Microsoft Student Partner 2019


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HackTX2020 - University of Texas, Austin

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Mentored - Microsoft Learn Student Ambassadors

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Contact details.

Contact Details

Contact Me

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Thank You.

Contact Me

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Thank You

Thank you for visiting my portfolio. I hope you enjoyed learning more about me and my work. If you have any questions, comments, or feedback, please feel free to contact me anytime. I would love to hear from you and explore how we can work together.

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